March 4, 2017

Hello! I thought 2017 flew through like a tornado and, it feels as if 2017 is doing the same. Sometimes "life" takes precedence over my plans for writing and editing and, in the end, creates a real headache by postponing publication. I do however begin each day by being grateful to be here.

My series, A Separate Heaven, is a labor of love for me. The characters, especially Dominic and Paige, are so much a part of my life they are like friends. I think probably all writers feel this way about their characters and feel an obligation to defend them no matter what they do.

A Separate Heaven is a love story with many surprises and, at time,s takes a dark turn. It goes where my imagination goes and I do not try to change it.

Among my goals for A Separate Heaven is to have all seven books published in Spanish as well as English. My dream is to have it become a television series. The script readily lends itself to this so it is an exciting possibility.

Thank you for being a reader!

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