Update on A Separate Heaven

Good morning! It is supposed to be Fall, but not so much in Texas. The forecast high today is 95!

A lot going on with my series…thankfully. Had some setbacks regarding health and that took some time, but A Separate Heaven is back on track with Book 4 set to be released on Kindle on November 7th.

Also, the first audio book of the series is in the works and hopefully out prior to Christmas!

More news soon! Have a great week!

The Long Hot Summer

Hi friends,

I reside in Texas and a long, hot summer is exactly what we are having, but I don’t think we are alone.

When it comes to blogging, I spend a great deal of time apologizing for neglecting this site. I have been striving to do better at posting and increasing my Facebook presence this year and I fear everything else has suffered. Creating a link between Facebook and this site will help, hopefully!

Plans to launch a Kickstarter Project soon are also keeping me busy. While the first three books are available on Amazon Kindle and book four will be released in early Fall of this year, I want to publish all current books in English and in Spanish both in print and on Kindle. Quite an undertaking but I am excited about the prospect!

My sworn goal today is to keep my website up to date!

Wishing you all a great week!


Oh, and a few pictures of Italian vineyards to enjoy!

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March 4, 2017

Hello! I thought 2017 flew through like a tornado and, it feels as if 2017 is doing the same. Sometimes "life" takes precedence over my plans for writing and editing and, in the end, creates a real headache by postponing publication. I do however begin each day by being grateful to be here.

My series, A Separate Heaven, is a labor of love for me. The characters, especially Dominic and Paige, are so much a part of my life they are like friends. I think probably all writers feel this way about their characters and feel an obligation to defend them no matter what they do.

A Separate Heaven is a love story with many surprises and, at time,s takes a dark turn. It goes where my imagination goes and I do not try to change it.

Among my goals for A Separate Heaven is to have all seven books published in Spanish as well as English. My dream is to have it become a television series. The script readily lends itself to this so it is an exciting possibility.

Thank you for being a reader!