The manuscripts for A Separate Heaven have been chosen for review by a panel of producers this fall.  A television series has always been my ultimate goal for the books and I believe this will happen.

The signings for Barnes & Noble will continue and as soon as I have the Fall/Winter schedule I will post it on the Alex Disanti site on Facebook.  One of the promotional events I have most enjoyed is the dinner/theater performance which enslists the participation of local theater group members.  A narrator opens by giving an intriguing description of the storyline and introduces the main characters of A Separate Heaven.  Actors appear as Dominic and Paige Gianelli, the security personnel, Aunt Sophia, and Garrett Grayson.  We even have a paparazzi!

Click here for the press release written by the artist, David Humphries, who provides the covers for A Separate Heaven.


For decades there has been a special connection between America’s Southern writers and New York City.

Now, Alex Disanti, author of A Separate Heaven, has joined the elite Dixie novelists who have taken the Big Apple as their muse.

Asked why she thought so many authors used this locale, Disanti offered, “New York City is the world’s capital.  It has everything – global fame, financial power, legendary streets and neighborhoods.  It has Broadway and it’s the heart of television and the fashion industry.”

But the real appeal for a Southern writer might be the Big Apple’s sex appeal.  “There’s something about New York’s contradictions that make the place very alluring and charismatic.  It’s familiar even if you’ve never been there.  You hear about it, read about it all your life,” she says.  The city is strong but elegant, mysterious but knowable, fast paced but fun.  It has an energy that is contagious, an air of excitement that’s hard to equal.”

Disanti believes that these and other traits make up the elements of a good thriller, and she uses these components to build a dark, sexy and high-action series.  Disanti’s book mixes genres, as if Danielle Steel collaborated with John Grisham and Sydney Sheldon.

A Separate Heaven is the first of a planned series of novels spanning twenty-five years in the lives of two very different families.  Book One introduces the Hamiltons and the Gianellis.  It follows wealthy and very secretive Dominic Gianelli, a client fo a prestigious New York investment firm.  Gianelli is a man in control of his surroundings, a man who, when examining his life finds nothing lacking, until a chance meeting with an exceptional young woman causes him to rethink his decisions about marriage and a family.

Enter A Separate Heaven, a story comprised of drama romance, multifaceted characters, and complex relationships.

Alex Disanti has been a writer for many years but has found her specialty in writing women’s and commercial fiction.  She has worked in the medical, engineering and construction fields.  Born and raised in West Texas, she now lives in the Texas Hill Country.  A Separate Heaven is the first of seven novels featuring Paige Hamilton and Dominic Gianelli.

Book one available in hard cover (Amazon, Barnes & Noble) Books 1, 2, & 3 available on KINDLE.  Book 4 soon to follow.