A Separate heaven is packed with eroticism, suspense, action, cliffhangers and two of the sexiest new characters in romance fiction today.  A deliciously well-written, luscious book.

Loretta Pitilli, author of Creating Our Pilgrimage

A well-written book.  The story, characters and plot all held together seamlessly.  You will not want to miss out on such a great read.


Not since Peyton Place of the 50’s has a book come along depicting life as it is.  Whether it was then or now.  However A Separate Heaven expands boundaries instead of a little New England town.  A Separate Heaven is written with such feeling you get lost in the pages.  There will be sequels and…

Lynell W.

The author uses her characters masterfully to develop this epic saga.  Spanning two continents and two very powerful families, her tale is so fast-paced and filled with surprises it will take your breath away.

Marie B. Leonarde, author of A Woman’s Worth

Love makes you know people, perhaps more than you should.  “A Separate Heaven” tells a story of Dominic Gianelli, a man with a whole world of secrets behind him.  Keeping people away from him, he finds it hard to allow Paige, a woman he has grown fond of, into his world, fearing for her safety.…

Midwest Book Review

For those of us who are lovers of books…this is a must read.  It will grab your attention from the beginning and hold it through to the end and leave you begging for more.


I truly loved this book!!  It evokes so many emotions.  You will not want it to end.  I can’t wait to read books two and three.


A Separate Heaven is a real page-turner that leaves you wanting more with each chapter.  The first book introduces the characters and I as I read I could picture Dominic and Paige and the members of their families.  It ended with such a shock.  I immediately bought books two and three.  An awesome series that…

Sylvia Pena

Wonderful character development.  Love the dialogue.  Romance, drama.  Just when you think you know, you don’t!

Belinda Garcia

Just finished book 3 of A Separate Heaven.  Watching for book 4.  As someone who normally reads nonfiction and self-help, I was surprised to find myself totally engrossed in the characters and the storyline.  I do hope it makes it to the networks.  Never heard of Alex Disanti until now, so I am a new…

F. Pawelek

A romantic thriller that blends the best of Danielle Steele, Judith Krantz and John Grisham.  Two hot leads, first-class locations, great dialogue, clever plot twists and a memorable supporting cast make this cinematic book a movie just waiting to happen.  Five stars!

Pam Diaz, author of Pamiel: Diary of an Angel in Transformation to the Infinite Light